Balvindar Singh is pursuing both his MD and PhD in the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) at the University of Minnesota. His thesis work was conducted within the Graduate Program in Neuroscience. 

Prior to Minnesota, Balvindar grew up in northern California, where he developed a passion for being outside as a means to explore, be active, and procrastinate. It was during his time at UC San Diego where he began his career as a budding scientist and aspiring clinician. This was also when he started to pursue bike racing and venture into the world of "ultra" cycling.  

Now at the U, when his studies, research, and training all allow, Balvindar spends some time on the bike. While the road is his background, his next pursuits are in the realm of gravel and winter riding, much of what the midwest is known for. 

By the numbers: 165 cm skis; 155 cm snowboard; 54 cm bike; 20th grader in school; 4 eyes; 2 fake teeth.